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Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, the key of  enterprises' core competitiveness and impetus  of enterprise development.
Excellent enterprise  culture can create a good  environment for the company,help employee to establish the correct value ,win the customers and future ,
Excellent enterprise  culture is bridge of HUATIANHAI development  and encourage the staff to explore the innovation, the building work the spirit of the industry.
Huatianhai had infiltrated the enterprise culture concept into the heart of every employee, so as to constantly improve the sense of ownership, enhance the sense of mission, and lead the whole staff to make progress together.


Enterprise inspirit

    brave to Huatianhai ,pursue to excellence

Company promise

    If cargo damage  ,lost ,remain ,we will compensate with 100% value ,ensure customers without risks.

service concept

    safety ,punctuality,speedy,economics ,high-value

Management ideas

    customer satisfaction,employee satisfaction,company satisfaction

F I R S T 价值观

Faith  Integrity   Responsibility  Service  Team

Integrity of the service consciousness.     responsible high-value service group ,   First-class efficient Hong Kong import customs clearance operator.


Business Goals

    Create to be import pioneer, build 100 years of Huatianhai.

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