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service system —learn HK Transit customs clearance project↓↓

1、choose HK transit customs clearance

At present ,global HAITAO online shopping  is becoming mature,  following the market tendency ,we build a set of logistics system according to company rule“customers and service first ” and many years E-Commerce experience  

 In the whole operation ,we have a specialized customs clearance group with checking doc ,printing doc and system etc .Meanwhile ,when cargo arrive in HK warehouse ,we will arrange them to customs clearance second day and deliver to SZ warehouse  ,then dispatch customer appointed address .” customs clearance , in warehouse ,out warehouse “to reduce the situation of lose cargo and enhance the cargo security  and timeliness  .

1.customers negotiation, detailed process.

2oversea warehouse  , post waybill.

3.Cargo transportation ,arrived HK

4.Customs inspection ,customs clearance.

5.Domestic delivery, delivery home.

2、”2016 personal postal articles tax ”  rapid transformation             

In recently year ,with global and  sharability of network  ,CBEC is quickly developing to adapt to the market。For CBEC ,HTH started to pay personal postal articles tax,with development  and innovation,we had built  very mature customs clearance system.

      In respect of tax payment,personal postal articles tax is to pay the postal tax according to the postal rate of the customs,customers can check the tax details  on customs website  . The cargo are most small parcel ,customer should supply consignee ID .At same time ,HTH built  the completed system  including checking docs ,printing docs and paperless customs declaration to supply high-speed and high quality customs clearance  service .

3、Build specialized service group ,service to transit company .

4、To ensure customers service  smooth  ,our company service 7*24 hours specialized technology service .

If you want to learn more info (for example price ).pls contact online customer service  or call to customers service online: 86-755-27771819 

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